Stoelting innovative Intellitech 2 control allows both users and technicians to monitor, adjust and anticipate potential problems.  With the industry's first optional wi-fi interface, your Intellitech 2 equipped Stoelting machine can be monitored anywhere you have internet access, 24 x 7.

Intellitech 2 brings a whole new realm of control and understanding to your Stoelting ownership experience.  Owners or managers can audit usage, cleaning frequency as well as any problems to avoid costly downtime and unnecessary service calls.  Using the optional ConnectI2U subscription service, gain access to patterns and get reports on your machines' use for more comprehensive management of your equipment than ever before.

Stoelting Frozen Custard units are some of the best in the industry.  Developed from the original Ross Technology line, these specialized continuous flow freezers create some of the smoothest, creamiest frozen custard you've ever tasted.

Stoelting offers a complete range of styles and sizes for any requirement combined with world class service and support to ensure your frozen custard equipment is trouble-free and profitable as possible.

Stoelting Frozen Dessert & Beverage Equipment

The industry leader in frozen dessert and beverage machines since 1939 offering greener, more energy-efficient solutions for today's restaurants.  Stoelting also offers equipment under the Telme (gourmet batch freezer) and Ross (Frozen Custard) brands, as well as providing its world-class support and service for these lines.
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Specialty Restaurant Equipment Distributors for Northern CA and NV

Stoelting Frozen Beverage units offer your business great tasting, popular frozen favorites like margaritas, daquiris, frozen sangria or other frozen cocktails without all the labor or noise of blenders.  These machines are compact, easy to maintain and provide you with the ability to serve your guests more quickly and with more consistent results compared to manual blending.

These units are also great for high-volume operations serving frozen slush, smoothies, protein/nutrition beverages or other popular beverages.  No blending, no mess and great results every time.